New Walk Editions pamphlets – Alan Jenkins & Polly Atkin (issue 16)

The two new New Walk Editions pamphlets are now available! See:

Alan Jenkins, Tidemarks

Sea-scenes encountered in childhood, and the south London of a nautical-school adolescence, all remembered or revisited in middle age (or in dreams), provide the governing sights and sounds of these poems – a coast eroded by time, washed over by memory, sharpened by pangs of pleasure or regret. Voices of the past, and of sea-dogs real and imagined, form a reproachful counterpoint to the lyrical ‘I’, and as always in this poet’s work a distinctive music emerges from the collision of emotional
raggedness with metrical discipline, exacting eloquence with salty vernacular.

‘Jenkins stands out among his male peers with his uniquely compelling blend of intense feeling and elegant style’
Carol Ann Duffy

Polly Atkin, With Invisible Rain

With Invisible Rain explores location and dislocation in and of the body, through poems drawing on lived experience and found texts. Through the frame of the English Lake District, the poems examine living with invisible disabilities, and how pain might communicate, and be communicated.
The pamphlet is organised around extracts from two longer sequences. ‘v/s’ explores experience of Genetic Haemochromatosis, the treatment for which involves having pints of blood taken to counteract iron overload. In ‘Much with Body’, meanwhile, words from Dorothy Wordsworth’s journals are repurposed to uncover the connection between the landscapes within and without: the external weather of the Lakes and the internal weather of the body.

‘At once deeply authentic and luminously metaphorical’
Sasha Dugdale

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