New Walk Editions pamphlets – Zayneb Allak & John Mole (issue 15)

We are delighted to announce publication of new poetry pamphlets by John Mole and Zayneb Allak – the first pamphlet publications from New Walk Editions! Order now, or subscribe to the series, at
John Mole, A Different Key

John Mole’s most recent collection is Gestures and Counterpoints (Shoestring Press). A recipient of the Gregory and Cholmondeley Awards for poetry and the Signal Award for his poems for children, he lives in Hertfordshire where he is president of the Ver Poets and plays regularly as a jazz clarinet­tist.
‘The fresh ground chanced upon’ which John Mole evokes in one of the poems here is discoverable in them all. Mole’s mastery of form and his deft balance of wit and gravity between them make familiar subjects – family, old age, art itself – new, surprising, and, most important, entirely convincing. John Lucas
In this group of poems, John Mole’s humanity and formal skills are deployed to eloquent effect. Grief is balanced by humour in a way that perfectly conveys the fluctuations of the mourning process. Carole Satyamurti

Passionate, skilful, witty and deeply moving, these poems prove John Mole’s gifts of perfect pitch, perfect touch and perfect time. Nick Drake
Zayneb Allak, Keine Angst
The poems in Keine Angst are warm, shrewd, loving, astute. They listen to voices, and enter the spaces left when voices are absent. In these endeavours, they travel: overseas, into the earth, and into themselves. They are concerned with being out of place, and unexpected homecomings.
Zayneb Allak grew up in Baghdad and Birmingham, and has since lived and worked in various places around the world. She has a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from Nottingham Trent University, and is Lecturer in Creative Writing at Edge Hill University. This is her first pamphlet.
Zayneb Allak’s voice is an unusual one: fluid, staunch, magical. These are poems that can suggest, in a short space, the capaciousness of a life. Linguistically as well as geo­graphically on the move, these are reflective, imaginative poems for our time. Moniza Alvi
These are confident, questing, and very timely poems, which keep tuning in to the idea of home, but are arrestingly alert to what lies beyond familiar borders. Zayneb Allak keeps listening – to other people, to other languages, and most crucially to the serious music in her own playful, pleasurable words. John Greening
These are bold and risk-taking poems, which make for an exhilarating and

compelling read. The direct and uncompromising voice is spare yet expansive and every line packs a punch. Immensely readable and extremely moving, Keine Angst is a work of great power and originality. Anna Saunders

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