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We welcome subscriptions to the pamphlet series, giving you two pamphlets every six months: visit www.newwalkmagazine.bigcartel.com. The current two are:

Mike Barlow, Some Kind of Ghost
Marina Tsvetaeva, trans. Moniza Alvi and Veronika Krasnova, Bitter Berries

We also welcome orders of individual pamphlets. Our current authors and pamphlets are:

Zayneb Allak, Keine Angst 
Polly Atkin, With Invisible Rain
Mike Barlow, Some Kind of Ghost
Alan Jenkins, Tidemarks
John Mole, A Different Key
Marina Tsvetaeva (trans. Moniza Alvi and Veronika Krasnova), Bitter Berries

Postage is FREE worldwide on all orders! Single issues of the magazine and single pamphlets are also available here at very reasonable prices.


We currently welcome submissions for the pamphlet series, under the imprint New Walk Editions. Submit a full typescript of 12-20 pages of poems to our email address newwalkmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com, ideally as a Word document. Your email should include a bio note and postal address. Replies will be sent within 2 months if we are considering publishing your work at this time.

Naturally, we would like to think those interested in submitting work to New Walk are equally enthusiastic about reading our publications, and orders can be made securely at the link above. No simultaneous submissions, please. If work is accepted, replies can be expected within 2 months, and often sooner. We no longer send rejection slips as standard, so if you don’t hear back within this period you can assume your work has not been selected on this occasion. Your submission will be read carefully, and we actively encourage submissions from new writers and more experienced ones alike. Please do not send your collected works: ridiculously over-long submissions of poetry incite groans as a matter of course, and will not be read.

Purchasing our pamphlets or magazines does not in itself increase the chances of acceptance, but naturally we appreciate our submitters caring about what we and our authors do, and we believe that the sun shines more sweetly on those who take an interest. Purchase yours now: www.newwalkmagazine.bigcartel.com. Thank you!

4 Responses to Purchase / submit

  1. Thanks for very helpful site!!

  2. pip says:

    Thanks for free shipping overseas. Could we have a kindle link too please?

  3. Interested in subscribing but live in the US of A, possible?

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