New pamphlets by Steve Ely and John Greening

We are proud to publish two new pamphlets, which you can order here:

Steve Ely, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heauen

This sequence is about falling and fallen-ness, thrown-ness and being thrown. It is about love and betrayal, altruism and self-absorption.

‘These poems are blistering in their honesty [and] thread together a new perspective on fatherhood, masculinity, redemption and guilt’ (Kim Moore)

John Greening, Europa’s Flight

These fifteen sonnets, illustrated by the poet’s daughter Rosie Greening, began on a flight to Crete, as an exploration of the island’s mythology. He quickly found the myths were taking the poem where it hadn’t been scheduled to go – into oblique commentary on Brexit.

‘Greening fills his crown of sonnets with astounding combinations and varieties
of subject. He confronts borders and that which cannot be confined by
borders’ (Martyn Crucefix)

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